Writing Assignment #3

Game Recap: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Miami Hurricanes

Image from: https://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/hurricanes-host-yellow-jackets-in-week-6-action–october-5-2013

Georgia Tech wins the game in overtime and leaves Miami Hurricanes in disbelief.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defeated the Miami Hurricanes 28-21 at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 19.

At halftime, the teams were tied at 21 points, and they both had the potential to come out with a win. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defense held firm in the second half and did not allow the Miami Hurricanes to score.

Image from: https://caneswarning.com/2019/10/19/miami-football-loses-bizarre-way-georgia-tech/

After the Miami Hurricanes’ 25-yard field-goal by Turner Davidson was blocked, the game fed into overtime. Antwan Owens blocked this field-goal, which gave the Yellow Jackets the chance to win in overtime.

Turner Davidson’s field-goal miss was the third field goal inside 35 yards that the Miami Hurricanes missed during this game. Two of these misses were by Turner Davidson, while one was by Bubba Baxa.

Image from: https://www.capperspicks.com/free-picks/college-football/miami-hurricanes-vs-georgia-tech-yellow-jackets-11-10-2018-betting-prediction/

Yellow Jacket Jordan Mason scored the winning touchdown on the third play of overtime.

The Miami Hurricanes’ fans were left in shock as the Yellow Jackets met on the field to celebrate their win. This was not the outcome they were hoping for after an already challenging season.

This was the Yellow Jackets second game win of the season where they won their first Coastal Division victory thus far.

Image from: http://www.newsbug.info/sports/national/miami-stunned-by-georgia-tech-in-overtime-after-missing-three/article_545873f4-c04d-5879-8604-db80edd7cd8f.html

The Miami Hurricanes are currently 3-4 for the first time since 1997, leaving many fans, coaches, and athletes disappointed. Now, to qualify for a bowl game, the Miami Hurricanes must win at least three of the five games they have left in their season.

The Miami Hurricanes hope to develop their kickers and to see improvement in their games to come. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets intend to take this high from their win and carry it through the rest of their season.

Video from: ACC Digital Network Youtube Channel

Further information on both of the teams and their current seasons can be found here on the ESPN website.

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