Writing Assignment #1

Interviewing Alex Diez

Alex Diez is currently a 20-year-old University of Florida Student pursuing a combined degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Through humble beginnings, Alex has found his way to his desired field and is already becoming quite successful. Born in Havana, Cuba, Alex never thought that someday he would have the opportunities that he has right now. At the ripe age of seven, Alex, his sister, and his mom all flew to Mexico from Cuba and then proceeded to immigrate into the United States. He started elementary school at a private school in West Palm Beach, Florida where he faced dealing with the language barrier between him and his classmates and teachers. Soon enough, Alex acclimated himself to the ways of life in the United States and moved down to South Florida with his family. He attended Miami Springs High School and was thoroughly involved in student government as student body president and also, as the president of Ten80 Engineering ClubNational Stem League. He always knew he wanted to enter the engineering field and has had his mindset from a young age. When he graduated from high school, he got awarded the Golden Hawk Award for his success and contribution to the school. After he got accepted to the University of Florida, he was ready to devote himself to obtaining his degree fully. As soon as he got to college, Alex met me on his first night out, and we immediately hit it off and have been dating for two years now. Alex and I each have dogs that now live together and act just like brothers. Alex has successfully maintained a very high GPA of a 3.8 even though his course load is no simple feat. Along with his success through academics, Alex has also found himself involved on campus. He is part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and holds a ShadowSHPE Director position within the society. Through SHPE, Alex will be attending multiple conferences to network with engineering professionals in hopes to acquire an internship. He is also involved in FSAE Gator Motor Sports as a club member. When he graduates, Alex plans on possibly pursuing a graduate degree, or he is even thinking about jumping straight into doing internships and developing in his career. 

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